before and after

after a lot of research and changes in my life, mind and of course photography practice I stopped. Stopped myself for a month to understand what I want and how my final year photography work should look. The main idea of my project is about everyday world existence.


Title: „Unknown Feeling“

Once NASA astronomer Michelle Thaller said: „What is human existence? It turns out it‘s pretty simple. We are dead stars, looking back up at the sky.“ This project came from thinking about objects and places around as poetic figures  which shows temporary existence of our world. Existence question came after mother‘s fight with cancer which is still continued. Me as photographer want to tell the story about the  world  of existence around me and how I deal with a emotional side of it then this illness touched my family and myself.

I had interim show at University of Huddersfield with this piece of work:

This project makes me very emotional and touches soul and changes understanding of everyday life around me. Every day as new challenge to keep moving forward.


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