Charlie Meecham

Another great conversation with an experienced photographer Charlie Meecham. Most of the time we talked about print quality and variety. It’s very important for photographer to know what kind of print you want for your images. Charlie Meecham had a portfolio of his own work. Every photograph had different type of paper which was very interesting to touch and to see the difference between them. We talked about contact sheets. This is important aspect for the interviews, they have to be not too small, with larger images it’s better to see details.
Photographer, highlight that type of print becomes a language. It is important to put photographs near each other with a different materials, then you will see the difference and can choose which one is best.
Relevant fact is to experiment with prints for final project, the more you experiment, the more you will know which type of paper shows your work strengths and weakness.
After seeing the each other work in the group we decided that matt paper is good to consider for printing the photographs.
It was a pleasure to hear many photography tips from experienced photographer.

The key quote: ”I’m trying to produce an image that is not really about photography at all, it’s about what atmosphere I’m trying to pick up on” – Charlie Meecham (Photoworks, 2014)

photoworks. (2014). Ideas Series: Charlie Meecham and Sue Packer. Retrieved from reference:

Meecham, C. (2010). Oldham Road. [website]. , retrieved from


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