Sophie Abbott

In final year photography degree lectures we have a lot of good talks from photographers who are already working in industries. One of the talks which draw my attention was University of Huddersfield graduated aspiring fashion/editorial photographer Sophie Abbott. She talked about her experience in a final year at university, also how she found possibilities to work in industry after graduating. The main thing is to be prepared for the interviews, good to have a print version of your photography work. It is also good to know about printing essence, as in nowadays digital era, printing is everywhere within art degree. Sophie made a point about shooting planning. It is good to think about photographs before taking them. Into companies there are all team which helps for photographer, but it is also good to plan something from itself.
Sophie also talked about placement benefits, making relationships in every photography event, because after graduating photography degree you can choose not only to be photographer but and video maker.
Also, it was good to know about contracts, which are essential before doing photoshoot, as people can sign the contract, it is a prove of job photographer done.
It was a pleasure to know a lot of information how to be prepared after graduating and not to be scared to make something new.
Key advice: Just find your own style.


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Image reference:
Abbott, S. (2015). How To Wear Bold Lipsticks this Month. . [website]. , retrieved from


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