Charlie Meecham

Another great conversation with an experienced photographer Charlie Meecham. Most of the time we talked about print quality and variety. It's very important for photographer to know what kind of print you want for your images. Charlie Meecham had a portfolio of his own work. Every photograph had different type of paper which was very... Continue Reading →


how to make a good photography work

Set and intention               Clarifying own ideas Allow your photographs to respond                Continue to develop a relationship Put aside your back story (of what photograph actually shows)               Look at your pictures, a lot and over... Continue Reading →

Sophie Abbott

In final year photography degree lectures we have a lot of good talks from photographers who are already working in industries. One of the talks which draw my attention was University of Huddersfield graduated aspiring fashion/editorial photographer Sophie Abbott. She talked about her experience in a final year at university, also how she found possibilities... Continue Reading →

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