photographs that inspire me

My first thought about my final major project idea was to do ,something, with people.
I was thinking about portraits which is still the idea inspired by Richard Renaldi photographs
I did a portrait of a girl:
I liked her natural emotion and the sunlight ,but needed something more. After overthinking about my photographs I stopped and remembered Rinko Kawauchi work:

which inspired me at my second year project called ,Temporary, where I did photographs of my everyday life important details, memories. So I started to think about story-line where I can include not only people portraits but also and objects.
Later on one of my final year tutors showed me another amazing photographer
Jitka Hanzlová work:
So this is what google images search showed to me. This is separate projects but I saw that something is related to each other. These portraits and these objects are kind of one image and it made my project idea more clear of what I want to do. Also Jitka Hanzlova portraits pushed me to look at 18th-19th centuries profile photography whom have similar pose details, so maybe this photographer at first was inspired by them?
Photograph by Scottish photographer and travel writer
John Thomson (1837-1921) from 19th

All that good stuff inspires me now and I’ll starting taking photographs of objects and keep clarify my understanding of what portrait and what is the object and how it relates to people.


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