London is always have something interesting to show no matter how many times you was in here…
This time another trip to Photographer’s gallery and National Portrait gallery.
Amazing experience! Where was no words after seeing such amazing work from professional photographers.
With a final year photography group we attend Photographer’s gallery which displayed stunning and a sometimes shocking Feminist Avant-garde of the 1970 photographs.
I can’t say that I liked all work, maybe it is because some of them was disturbing, but it had something which goes with word ,,Feminism”.
Another amazing experience of portraits was National Portrait Gallery.
We got to see photographer William Eggleston portraits. I have only one photograph from here and it was best for me. Magical moment…
Also I had a chance to see portraits taken at 1800 it was hard to understand how it was possible to do this amazing quality of images.
And finally paintings… One of hundreds which really impressed me was this:
Very detailed and hard to believe that is not photograph.
This is something what I wanted to have…Two William Eggleston portraits postcards..
This trip really extend my understanding of portrait and how simple pose, natural light can do magical things.


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