exhibition and portfolio

There is the time for making final prints and portfolio of my photographic work. Have to decide what kind of portfolio I want and how many prints. Exhibition display is another important point to decide how I want to represent my images. For exhibition I am thinking about 1 image of A2 and then to... Continue Reading →



I am not the only one thinking about my future after graduating. Its just coming and leaves so many different feelings about it. I am not scared. Just thinking that finish is really near and I can't believe it. The final year exhibition, prints and final discussion about my work with tutors so near. Every... Continue Reading →

Britain in focus

I was in another amazing exhibition Britain in Focus ,,A Photographic History'' Unfortunately there I was not allowed to take pictures, but I made a couple images of portraits it was really nice to see these pieces of work. I'll put the link to see what is more in this exhibition, it is really worth... Continue Reading →

pinhole photography

Bradford National science and media museum is one of my favorite spots to find something interesting within photography genre. I visited Pinhole photography gallery to look at some amazing stuff which include portraits, political, landscapes and much more... It was nice to see some amazing work and extend my research and understanding.


trip to Portugal made a huge new experience to my photography project ,,Unknown Feeling'' and a place as very important poetic symbol close to existence question. As I am doing my project around existence theme, thinking about photography in nature places at Portugal inspired me to think about wilderness areas, water and rocks around as... Continue Reading →

in the nature

nature helps me to make myself calm. It is like natural antidepressant. It is my most influential thing of making my photography work. I had a walk to think more about existence and how to express it through photographs...  

before and after

after a lot of research and changes in my life, mind and of course photography practice I stopped. Stopped myself for a month to understand what I want and how my final year photography work should look. The main idea of my project is about everyday world existence. Description: Title: „Unknown Feeling“ Once NASA astronomer... Continue Reading →

Charlie Meecham

Another great conversation with an experienced photographer Charlie Meecham. Most of the time we talked about print quality and variety. It's very important for photographer to know what kind of print you want for your images. Charlie Meecham had a portfolio of his own work. Every photograph had different type of paper which was very... Continue Reading →

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